Volontiranje u Crvenom Križu

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Za vrijeme izbjegličke tranzicije preko Balkana obavljao sam volontiranje u sklopu Crvenog križa. Pritom dok sam služio moralnu dužnost da pomognem nemoćnima naišao je novinar i pitao me par stvari. Pročitajte šta slijedi : >

Volunteers from the Croatian Red Cross assist them in different ways. Neven Pesut, 20, wears a cap and has a checkered, blue shirt under his Red Cross vest. He is very visible standing in the camp.


In a corner, Neven Pesut helps a little boy put his jacket on. It is one of the many donated pieces of clothing being distributed in the camp. Shoes, he says, are especially needed, but often people arrive with nothing, so need shirts, trousers and sock too.

"I see it as my moral duty to help. They are humans. And besides, my family had to flee from Croatia in the 90's, so I know how they feel,” he says. “When I help a little child who smiles back, it's the top of my day.” <








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